Howdy! My name is Christina Outlay. My friends call me Chris, and I’m a gym rat. Hence the tag name – gymratchris. I spend lots of time at the gym either teaching or taking group fitness classes – mostly teaching. I’m a certified Group Fitness Instructor (by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and I teach group fitness formats such as cardio kickboxing, strength training, dance fitness, youth fitness, small group functional training and TRX suspension training.

I’m also a PhD. I teach classes on information technology in the business school at a major university located in the Midwest (of the United States of America). Yes, I’m an IT geek!

This blog began as as a way for me to merge my two of interests of fitness and information technology. It’s evolved into something more. Like many of you, I’m constantly trying to find ways to stay fit and healthy while balancing my academic career. I love fitness. I love technology. I love being a teacher and scholar. I travel a lot. I like to try new things. You’ll find all these likes of mine reflected in this blog.

In addition to posting what I’m interested in, I’m happy to answer your questions, provide product reviews and host special events. Contact me at christina@fitscholar.com. Or, check my contact page for more options!

Thanks for stopping by!



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