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As you may already know, being – and staying – healthy requires more than exercise. You also need to to eat foods that support your fitness activities and keep your body in optimal condition. Whether you choose to follow a plant-based, low-carb, paleo or other approach to nutrition, it’s a good idea to read as much as you can so you’re making an informed decision. Of course, some sources will be more valid than others, but the more you read, the easier it is to wade through the B.S. and form your own opinions.

If you’re an e-book reader, frequently offers free books that you can download and view using your Kindle, other e-reader device, or free e-reader software. But, you have to move fast because they don’t always stay free! I got three free books yesterday that are not free today. :-( I didn’t even get a chance to tell you all about them! I’m always looking for deals, and I’ve gotten lots of free books this way, often books I now find invaluable but would never have sought out and purchased. See below, I got all the titles below for free; several of them are health-related:


Today, on Amazon, you can get a copy of “Lose Fat with FAT Balance: How to Lose Fat, Lose Pounds and Lose Inches with a Simple 10-step Fat Loss Plan” by Kevin Jones. But, hurry, it won’t be free for long. If you do grab a copy, come back and let me know if you liked it – I haven’t read it!

Note: I am an Amazon affiliate, but this link is free, so there’s no benefit to me if you download this book – I don’t think anyway. I have not read the book (yet!) and I don’t know Kevin Jones. I am just an avid e-book reader and I’m ALWAYS looking for great deals to share!


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