My Running Toolkit – 5 Essential Items

Let me start by saying I’m a novice, reluctant runner. I don’t particularly like running just for running’s sake. I DO like participating in mud runs and obstacle courses and similar events. Those types of events typically involve running anywhere from 3-6 miles during the race. Gym rat or not, since I don’t run regularly, I can’t just hop out of bed on the day of the event and expect to perform well. So, I have to spend a few weeks training for each event, meaning I have to take my butt outside and run. I also have to take a few must-have tech tools with me:

Sansa Clip Zip

I use my Sansa Clip Zip to listen to audiobooks while I run. That’s right – audiobooks! I prefer to run in minimalist shoes so I have to pay attention to how my feet and legs feel during my run. I also like to be aware of my surroundings. Audiobooks keep me entertained while running, but I’m not zoned out completely like I might be if I were listening to music.

Sansa Clip is considered by some to be the #1 competitor to the iPod Nano. Like the Nano, the Sansa Clip Zip is tiny and can clip on to your clothes while you work out. It plays music, podcasts, audio books, FM radio and can also be used as a voice recorder. I prefer the Sansa Clip Zip over iPod Nano because it (1) costs WAY less money – $39.99 for 4GB (my choice) or $59.99 for 8GB vs $129 for an 8GB iPod Nano, (2) can play both mp3 audio books and DRM-protected WMA audio books (the iPod Nano can’t play those) and (3) can support a microSD card of up to 32GB, so it’s expandable well beyond the 16GB limit on the Nano.

MapMyRun GPS Running

There are lots of training apps out there for iOS and Android; MapMyRun+ is my app of choice, simply because I’m familiar with it. I basically just use it to measure my distance traveled, my pace and time elapsed. It also gives me an estimate of calories burned, although I don’t use that estimate (I use the calories burned measured by my BodyBugg instead).

Available for iPod/iPhone or Android.



I have an Android smartphone. I take it with me to use MapMyRun. I also have it in case something happens and I need to call for help. And sometimes to check in to Foursquare.


Bodybugg v3 from myapex product page

Having committed to using my BodyBugg for a while, I wear it daily to track my daily activity and calories burned.

Bodybugg v.3 is now on sale for $99 and with this $20 discount coupon on top of that:, you can get it for only $79!

Lululemon Run: A Marathon crop
picture of lululemon marathon crop

Huh? What are these doing on the list? Well, In addition to my Sansa Clip and smartphone, I carry ID, money and keys. I need pockets to hold all this stuff! The Marathon crops have a total of seven pockets – plenty enough to carry my gadgets and essentials. And the pockets are tight, so stuff’s not bouncing around…well, the stuff in my pockets isn’t bouncing around anyway. I’ll just let you run with that thought, ha!

You can purchase these at your local Lululemon store, or from

Here’s a shot of me on my way out for a quick run. I still have three empty pockets (I will put my keys in one of them). Sorry, I guess I also should have taken it from the other side to show the BodyBugg. Ah well, next time…


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