PRO Compression Review from a Non-Runner

Disclaimer: I received a promo code to order a free pair of PRO Compression sleeves in exchange for providing a review. The opinions are my own. I received no other compensation, nor am I otherwise affiliated with PRO Compression.


You’ve probably heard of wearing compression socks before, especially if you’re a runner. Although I run sometimes, I don’t really consider myself a runner. But, I’ve been dealing with lots of muscles strains, soreness and imbalances these last few months and I’m currently in physical therapy for IT band syndrome, for which the effects extend all the way from my left hip to my calf. So, when given the opportunity to try PRO Compression socks, I jumped on it. I’ll take all the support I can get to minimize discomfort while working out and to prevent any more muscle injuries.

So, what are compression socks anyway and why should you consider wearing them? As described on the PRO Compression website:

“PRO Compression products are specifically designed to give you an edge and help you perform at the highest level possible.

They can be worn before, during and after a workout as the benefits of compression speed up muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.”

Visit to learn more about the benefits of PRO compression socks.


My specific product is the Marathon Calf Sleeve. To give you some idea of the sizing, I am 6 feet tall, 186 pounds and I ordered a size L/XL which is recommend for heights of 5’9 – 6’2 and calf sizes of 15-18”. I have no idea what size my calves are, but I fall right in the middle of that height range, so L/XL was definitely my size. See PRO Compression’s sizing chart at

There’s one catch: compression socks are not cheap! Most of the higher quality brands will run you at least $40-50 and PRO Compression also falls in this price range. Fortunately, they run a monthly Sock of the Month special for 40% off a specific product. Additionally, since you’re reading this post, you can use the code “PINK” to get 40% off an entire order, as part of their #KeepitTight program. This is a great discount!  Tweet this to share the code with your friends!

I chose to order calf sleeves instead of socks so that I’d have more flexibility in the type of shoes that I could wear. I often like to work out in toe shoes and regular compression socks don’t work well with those, even the Injiji compression socks, which make my shoes too tight. Also, since compression socks can be worn for post exercise recovery, I wanted something that I could wear under a long skirt or Maxi dress with sandals.

Next, I decided to perform a little experiment. I have worn other compression socks before, but honestly, I could never really tell how much they were helping my workout. So, I decided to wear one sock only while teaching my strength and cardio class at the gym and see whether I noticed any differences during and after my workout instead.




During class

The worst part of this HIIT class is the plyometrics section. In addition to lots of Plyo jumps, jump rope, bear crawls and similar exercises, we do lots of little hops on the balls of our feet that are pretty much calf killers! This is where I began to notice a difference: my left calf (wearing the sock) was not as fatigued as my right calf (no sock). By the end of class, my right calf was tight and already a little sore, while my left calf felt fine. I removed the stock immediately after I finished class.

Recovery and final verdict

The first day after class, my left calf was very slightly sore but by the second day was completely recovered. My right calf was a different story. The soreness increased from the first day to the second day after class and was quite uncomfortable the second day. So, I decided to try wearing one sock again, this time on the right leg to help with the soreness and discomfort and to speed recovery. The discomfort was significantly reduced (but not eliminated completely) immediately after I put on the sleeve.

Wearing one sleeve for recovery under my skirt (the skirt actually comes to my ankles)

Wearing one sleeve for recovery under my skirt (the skirt actually comes to my ankles)


I can certainly say that wearing the PRO Compression sleeves has made a difference during my workout and after. I also greatly prefer wearing sleeves instead of socks. The sleeve was easier to put on and I didn’t have to worry about the heel cup aligning properly with my foot. I could also wear it with my Fivefinger toe shoes and sandals.

If you’d like to give PRO Compression a try, you’re in luck! You can use the code “PINK” to get 40% off an entire order. Tweet this to share the code with your friends!


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    Great Article! I’ll let your know how this works for me.

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