Vision Board – 2013 Goals



This year, my family and I decided to start a new tradition – creating vision boards in January to represent our dreams, goals and overall outlook for the upcoming year. My vision board covers work, fitness and general outlook goals. Here are some of the goals that match the images on my board:

New design and content for – That’s right! Over the next few weeks you’ll see a more colorful and professional layout for this site, and expanded content categories.

Mud, mud and more mud! I started doing mud run obstacle courses last year and I’m hooked! Now don’t get me wrong; I hate running 5K+ races because I get bored after the first mile and have to force myself to stay focused and keep running. But, mud runs with obstacles keep me engaged. I love them! I will participate in at least three this year, including Warrior Dash.

Conferences – In addition to work-related conferences, I’m really excited to attend my first fitness and blogging related conference this year! I’ll be at FIT BLOGGIN’ in June and FITNESS AND HEALTH SOCIAL MEDIA in September. Can’t wait!

Relax and unwind – Taking time for myself is admittedly a weak point. I will do more yoga, take time to relax and reward myself for small victories. This will probably be the toughest goal to accomplish, but I’ll do my best!

Do you have a vision board? Is it goal-oriented or more abstract? What’s your vision?


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