GymPact – Get Paid to Exercise

So today I was on Facebook scrolling through various people’s posts, when I found myself staring at a fitness app! It’s called GymPact, and it’s definitely a necessity if you find yourself struggling for motivation to exercise.

With this app, you can earn money by working out, but you also lose money if you miss a workout. You have to link your bank account with the app. You also have to check in (like Foursquare) when you get to the gym and start your workout, stay at least 30 minutes, and check out when you’re done. GymPact checks the location to confirm it’s a fitness/health facility, so at-home workouts won’t work.

If you work out at a gym and you’re a diehard check-in/checkout type of person, it can work well for you. If you’re inconsistent about checking in whenever you go to the gym, think long and hard before you sign up.

The app rewards you for every week that you keep your goal. You track all your workouts using the app, and if you meet your set goal for the week, the makers of the app will pay you! BUT, if you miss your workout, forget to check-in, or decide to work from home for a while, YOU will pay. Again, choose wisely!

gympact 1  gympact 2  gympact 3

It is available for both Apple and Android at


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