The New and Improved GymPact

Got a New Year’s Resolution? Well, put your money where your mouth is with GymPact, baby! Earn cash each week that you keep your healthy commitments, and PAY (yes out of your actual pocket – well, bank account or Paypal) when you don’t keep up. How’s that for motivation?

First off, if you’re wondering “What is GymPact?” – start here for a quick overview. Then, come back. :-)




Last week (at least that’s when I got the email), GymPact announced a new, improved and greatly expanded version of their app. Like the prior version, fitness enthusiasts can commit to working out a minimum number of times per week and provide proof of each workout. In the old version, you had to check in (a la Foursquare) before and after working out at an establishment that GymPact recognized as a fitness facility. The basement at home wouldn’t do. But, what if you were an at-home exerciser? Or a runner? Welp, sorry, Charlie, sucks to be you!

But, with the new GymPact, you’re no longer limited to working out at fitness facilities. This is a GREAT improvement! You now have several options:

  • Check in at a gym (you must be there for at least 30 minutes for the workout to count)
  • Complete 10,000 steps per day (verified by syncing with Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Runkeeper, Moves or MapMyFitnessor wear your iPhone in an armband to use the GymPact built-in Motion Tracker)
  • Workout for a total of 30 minutes (anywhere!) within a 1.5 hour time interval (verified syncing with Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Runkeeper, Moves or MapMyFitness OR wear your iPhone in an armband to use the GymPact built-in Motion Tracker )


Other new features include:

  • Make a pact to eat at 1200 calories across at least three meals per day (verified by creating an account and logging your food into MyFitnessPal).
  • Make a pact to eat more fruits and veggies (verified by uploading pictures of your meals to the GymPact community)
  • Set reminders so you don’t forget about your commitments (and have to PAY!)



Intrigued? The app is free, and you even start with a $5 credit to get you started. What do you have to lose? Well, except your dollars, but of course, that’s the whole point. Put your money where your mouth is – get money when you workout and give money when you don’t. Who doesn’t want to get paid to workout?

Download GymPact from Available for both iOs and Android.




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