TRX Super Force Smartphone App


TRX just released an Android version of their Super Force app (it was already available for iPhone). The TRX Super Force app (description here) provides a 12-week conditioning program complete with workout times, exercise library, fitness tests and exercise drills. The apps downloads with all content available locally, so you don’t need to have an Internet connection to use it.

As a TRX Group Suspension Training Instructor, and a TRX affiliate, I was super excited to see this app! I already have TRX videos on my iPad (they make many of them available as digital downloads). I often travel with my TRX trainer so I can work out on vacation or at the office. And this app would give me even more workout options – awesome!

Then I saw the price. My reaction:

$59.99. Whoa, am I reading that correctly?


$59.99!!! WTH?!?

Yeah, this app looks amazing, but no way am I paying 60 bucks for a smartphone app. If any of you have it or decide to buy a copy, can you do me a favor and come back to post how you like it? I’ll live vicariously through you, Mr./Ms. Moneybags!

You can get the TRX Super Force from:

Apple store –

Google Play –



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