Off to Bloggy Boot Camp!


It’s been a busy semester and I’ve fallen behind on my posts. But, I’ve also been making plans for 2013 to add more content and other improvements to the site. I won’t announce them just yet, but they’re coming! Today, I’m heading back to my hometown for the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference – Brand edition. […]

My Running Toolkit – 5 Essential Items


Let me start by saying I’m a novice, reluctant runner. I don’t particularly like running just for running’s sake. I DO like participating in mud runs and obstacle courses and similar events. Those types of events typically involve running anywhere from 3-6 miles during the race. Gym rat or not, since I don’t run regularly, […]

Fitness trends for 2012


Yay, ,it’s a new year – welcome 2012! Everyone’s writing about the top fitness trends for 2012. Since these trends lists are compiled from multiple sources (i.e., the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine), what you see listed may vary depending on where you’re reading. One thing all lists appear […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Fit Scholar! This holiday season has been a busy one, as you can see by the lack of recent posts. However, we’ll be rectifying that soon enough. There’s lots of exciting news, research studies, fitness trends, and technological advances to explore in 2012 and we’ll feature as many of them as […]

Cathe Friedrich – Experienced, Effective, and Downloadable

Cathe Friedrich is one of my favorite fitness professionals. Her workouts are super-effective, her personality is down-to-earth, and her body is BANGING. She also uses information technology in a way that I haven’t seen too frequently, even among the major fitness content providers. Check her out at From her website, you can: learn about […]