Four Free Online Nutrition Trackers


Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t out train a bad diet?” What this phrase typically means is that even if you have an intense and regular work out regimen, you won’t achieve optimal results if your dietary intake is poor. While what exactly constitutes a “bad diet” varies from one person to the […]

The New and Improved GymPact


Got a New Year’s Resolution? Well, put your money where your mouth is with GymPact, baby! Earn cash each week that you keep your healthy commitments, and PAY (yes out of your actual pocket – well, bank account or Paypal) when you don’t keep up. How’s that for motivation? First off, if you’re wondering “What […]

GymPact – Get Paid to Exercise

gympact 1

So today I was on Facebook scrolling through various people’s posts, when I found myself staring at a fitness app! It’s called GymPact, and it’s definitely a necessity if you find yourself struggling for motivation to exercise. With this app, you can earn money by working out, but you also lose money if you miss […]

Sierra Club Trail Performer

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Do you find yourself having a hard time finding a trail to hike or run on? It can be very frustrating trying to find a comfortable place to exercise, especially outdoors. There may be uneven trails, creatures everywhere, or maybe it’s just too crowded for your liking. Despite these obstacles, trail running can be a […] Workout – specific playlists iphone app available at

In a short blurb about the effects of music on post-exercise recovery, Health magazine suggested as a source for choosing workout music. It’s a great resource! suggests music for your workout, whether you’re running, cycling or walking. You can create a free account on the site, then choose your activity (running, walking or […]