TRX Super Force Smartphone App


TRX just released an Android version of their Super Force app (it was already available for iPhone). The TRX Super Force app (description here) provides a 12-week conditioning program complete with workout times, exercise library, fitness tests and exercise drills. The apps downloads with all content available locally, so you don’t need to have an […]

Using Nike+ With Vibram Five Fingers, Huaraches, or Barefoot


Transitioning to minimalist or barefoot running doesn’t mean you have to give up your Nike+ functionality. This article tells how you can re-purpose the sensor and keep it moving. How to Use Nike Plus With Vibram Five Fingers, Huarches, or Barefoot | Naturally Engineered

Run with the Zombies – Zombies Run! App

zombie run app

I just obtained a copy of Zombies Run! for iOS that I’ll be taking for a test drive. With this interactive running app, your average, everyday run turns into an adventure. You’re Runner 5, and you’re running to collect supplies to rebuild your township, and to outrun the Zombies that are after you! Learn more […]

Fit Bit Aria Wi-Fi Scale


I saw this in Best Buy and now I’m doing some research to see how it works…anybody out there using one of these?

5 Gadgets that Track your Fitness Stats

From FitSugar ( posted on January 23, 2012: Nike+ FuelBand The newest offering in the fitness monitor world is the Nike+ FuelBand ($149), just released last week. The bracelet tracks calories burned, steps taken, and time, but its most noted measurement is its proprietary NikeFuel number, a combination of wrist movement tracking and oxygen […]