Four Products to Enhance your Workout

endomondo screenshot

  American Fitness Magazine, published by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) includes the following list in their January/February 2012 issue. The article is entitled “Go, Go, Gadget, Go” and focuses solely on tech gadgets that can improve your performance. Now you know that’s my type of article! Sadly, I’m not likely to […]

OFFICIAL P90X app for iPhone coming in November!

I’ve posted about i90X Workout and 90Droid apps in the past, but this is the official app coming from Beachbody! Here’s the announcement I just received from Beachbody: “Got goosebumps? Us too. The P90X App for iPhone is ’bout to drop any day now and will totally revolutionize the fitness industry. It’s so powerful, this […]

Have Xoom, will Exercise

I recently (just this August) received a company-issued Microsoft Xoom tablet. Like any tech geek, the pure thrill of having a new gadget kept me occupied for a few weeks…just downloading apps and playing around. I already have an Android phone, so the learning curve wasn’t too bad. But, after those first few weeks, I […]

90Droid P90X app


I know it’s taken awhile for me to get around to posting this – sorry! I’ve been busy moving FIT Scholar to its own domain. Anyway, about one month ago I made a post about Android and iOS apps for P90x. Since I’m an Android user, I downloaded both apps – 90Droid (paid: $2.99) and […]

Adidas miCoach – No special sensor needed

Adidas miCoach Screenshot

I recently downloaded Adidas miCoach to my Android phone, but I confess, I haven’t used it yet. I’m not much of a runner, but I do go out walking from time to time. The interface is nice and there are quite a few advanced features built in. Adidas miCoach “uses GPS and real-time voice coaching […]