Music Aids Post- Exercise Recovery


Quick summary (for those who don’t like to read, LOL) – Research shows that relaxing and/or motivational music can significantly reduce blood lactate and other post-exercise factors during post-exercise recovery. Personal trainers, sports coaches, physical therapists, etc., can make practical use of these findings when training clients, but probably not group fitness instructors. Individual exercisers […]

Top 3 Ways to Share Playlists (legally!)


Update: it appears iTunes 11 has removed (or at least, hidden) the ability to publish playlists to the iTunes Store. I will keep an eye out for workarounds or in case Apple returns the feature. In the meanwhile, publishing playlists can only be done on iTunes 10 or earlier versions. “I love your music! Could […]

Ask FIT Scholar – Streaming Fitness Classes


Question: What technology is being used to stream fitness classes? Cameras, mics, online hosting, etc. Answer: Online video streaming is a growing trend in the fitness industry and allows local fitness studios to reach a wider, perhaps even global audience. This trend is right in line with the growing popularity of remote work, online and […]

Friends and Family Shopping with Adidas, Asics and AVIA Instructor Discounts

Adidas Review

As a fitness instructor, I own a LOT of fitness gear. I’m constantly purchasing more clothing, shoes and accessories to wear when I teach, when I work out on my own, and pretty much anytime I don’t have to wear more formal attire. As a result, I frequently purchase from sites that provide discounts for […]

Good Portable Speakers for Teaching Fitness/Dance Classes

image of rumba cartoon

Probably the question I see asked most often from independent fitness and dance instructors is “what is a good portable speaker?” The list below includes one speaker that I use personally (Bose SoundDock Portable) and the top three suggestions I’ve heard from other fitness professionals (in no particular order, though). There are other speakers out […]