Oxygen Magazine is back!


If you were one of many people (like me!) who lost their Oxygen magazine subscription when Robert Kennedy Publishing when out of business – good news! Active Interest Media has purchased Oxygen Magazine and made a new app available in the Apple store. Here’s the email I received this morning. Even better? Active Interest Media […]

20/20 Presents Confessions from the Gym: Paying by the Pound

20/20 behind the scenes of gyms

I love to work out at the gym. In fact, I’ve had a fitness center membership (sometimes more than one at a time) since early college, around 1995. I went to the gym with my mom even as a kid. Now that I’m a fitness instructor, I always teach at least a few classes at […]

Merrell Barefoot Women Micro-Site

Screenshot of merrell.site

  Originally from BirthdayShoes.com: Merrell just launched an effort to reach and encourage women who are curious about the barefoot/bareform or barefoot-style/natural running movement. You can check out their micro-site here. This move by Merrell Barefoot is an extension of their ongoing efforts to understand our little weird world of barefooters and minimialist shoes enthusiasts […]

Black Friday Tech Deals for Fitness Enthusiasts

It’s that time of the year again! Black Friday! Here’s a list of deals out there for tech-minded fitness folk (like me). Note: I got most of these deals from http://www.2011blackfridayads.com/ and confirmed them with the retailer site.  If I find any others before tomorrow (Thanksgiving), I’ll update this list! Digital cameras If you’re serious about tracking your […]

La Quinta opens new high-tech community fitness center


This is awesome! Computer screens on the equipment and a wireless workout tracker. Read more at the link below.. La Quinta opens new high-tech community fitness center | The Desert Sun | MyDesert.com