Sleep for Optimal Performance


What a great infographic! The visual below indicates the power of sleep for achieving optimal athletic performance as well as the negative effects of not getting enough sleep. The facts shown on the graphic are supported by multiple research studies (listed in fine print at the bottom) that you can refer to for additional info. […]

Music Aids Post- Exercise Recovery


Quick summary (for those who don’t like to read, LOL) – Research shows that relaxing and/or motivational music can significantly reduce blood lactate and other post-exercise factors during post-exercise recovery. Personal trainers, sports coaches, physical therapists, etc., can make practical use of these findings when training clients, but probably not group fitness instructors. Individual exercisers […]

Shorter Workouts, Better Benefits

This is my first post that’s only fitness-focused (without any technology), but it won’t be the last. As someone who HATES long workouts, this is a study that’s right up my alley. Of course, it’s nothing new. Many of us already know that more time at the gym isn’t necessarily better. I personally prefer to […]

Video Games aren’t a Substitute for Regular, Physical Activity


From IDEA Fitness Journal June 2012 Issue – “Active Video Games – Not as Beneficial as Previously Thought” Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine and University of Hong Kong conducted a 13-week study including 78 kids (boys and girls, varying ethnic backgrounds, aged 9-12) to measure differences in activity between kids playing with active video […]

Fitness trends for 2012


Yay, ,it’s a new year – welcome 2012! Everyone’s writing about the top fitness trends for 2012. Since these trends lists are compiled from multiple sources (i.e., the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine), what you see listed may vary depending on where you’re reading. One thing all lists appear […]