HIIT with Chris Freytag


Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a high intensity interval training class with Chris Freytag of ACE Fitness, during the Fitness and Health Social Media conference in Colorado. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, alternates short to moderate bouts of high intensity exercise with brief periods of recovery consisting of low-intensity […]

Morning Workout – Yoga Energizer (DVD)


I am NOT a yogi. In fact, this is me doing yoga: Awkwardly forces body into rough approximation of what the instructor is doing Holds pose for five seconds, starts trembling… Spends remainder of time wondering how much longer until we can move and trying not to think about how many papers I have to […]

Alternative Summer Workouts from SportyAfros.com

Gymratchris in Aruba

I’m on vacation in Aruba, enjoying the fun and sun, sightseeing and NOT wearing the BodyBugg (I ditched it as soon as I saw a tan line forming on my arm). Fortunately, Sporty Afros has a new post this week that’s incorporates workout DVDs, online video and streaming music. Follow to link below to check […]

Morning Workout – Powered by Hulu Plus

screen shot from yoga zone video

Today’s workout (via Hulu) is Yoga Zone: Stretching and Flexibility, Part 1. It’s 19 minutes in length. Hulu Plus has a full set of Yoga Zone videos available. Some of them are full length workouts lasting 45-60 minutes, but there are also some that fall right in my preferred timespan – 15 – 20 minutes! […]

Morning Workout – Powered by YouTube


Yoga Full 30 minute workout from eFit30. I’ve been forcing myself to do yoga (my body needs it!) but I can’t stay focused for more than 30 minutes at a time. eFit30 has lots of workouts lasting 30 minutes or less. You can check out some of their workouts (some are full; others are previews […]