Morning workout, powered by Netflix


I found my FAVORITE Crunch Fitness workout on Netflix! Crunch Boot Camp Training with Sue Hitzman. It’s an older video – I owned it on VHS! – but I never get tired of it. Check it out on Netflix or you can order the DVD from Amazon.

Morning Workout, powered by Xoom


I’m going to the Disney Thanksgiving Feast tonight. Which means a workout (or two) is a must this morning! I’m doing TRX. Usually, I have to convert my DVDs to digital format before I can copy them to my Xoom, but TRX makes it so much easier. I can download anything from TRX TV in […]

OFFICIAL P90X app for iPhone coming in November!

I’ve posted about i90X Workout and 90Droid apps in the past, but this is the official app coming from Beachbody! Here’s the announcement I just received from Beachbody: “Got goosebumps? Us too. The P90X App for iPhone is ’bout to drop any day now and will totally revolutionize the fitness industry. It’s so powerful, this […]

Morning workout, powered by Xoom


My Xoom is on the bottom left, connected to the TV using Motorola’s standard HDMI cable for Droid X, Atrix 4G and Xoom. | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness is a great online resources for workout plans, advice, and free workout videos. No $$ for a gym membership or to purchase DVDs? No problem – go to free online video sites coming soon…There really is NO excuse not to get your daily exercise! | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness […]