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What technology is being used to stream fitness classes? Cameras, mics, online hosting, etc.


Online video streaming is a growing trend in the fitness industry and allows local fitness studios to reach a wider, perhaps even global audience. This trend is right in line with the growing popularity of remote work, online and distance learning, virtual tutoring, and similar services that allow consumers to receive the services they need at the location of their choosing. Any fitness studio that wants to deliver innovative services, retain members (who might move out of the immediate area) and/or expand their membership, should consider offering online fitness classes, either live or pre-recorded.

While choosing a format and setting up the service can take some planning, the initial investment can be minimal. What you’ll need:

Once you’ve arranged your recording space and setup your equipment, you’ll need to choose a streaming service that will deliver videos to your audience. Ustream has a free limited account that would give you a chance to test it out before paying for the service. Livestream is not free, but has a variety of pricing plans available.You will need to decide whether you want to stream videos with or without ads (this will affect the price of your plan), whether you will provide live streaming as a free service to your members or charge a fee, and whether videos will be available for live viewing only, or can be viewable later.

The specific streaming setup will vary by service provider, but no matter what service you choose, you’ll have to perform the following steps:

  • Create an account (of course, you’ll only have to do this once)
  • Create and schedule an event
  • Make the scheduling details and link available to your members
  • On the day and time of your event, setup your recording space and equipment and go for it!

Still undecided? To determine whether live streaming will work for your studio, begin by surveying your current membership. Do members travel frequently and want to take your fabulous classes while they’re on the road? Does weather or other factors affect members’ ability to come to the gym? Would members take advantage of this added benefit? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, your next step is to setup a trial service with existing members and gather feedback.

Good luck!


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