Good Portable Speakers for Teaching Fitness/Dance Classes

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Source: Z-Life Magazine Vol. 3 2012 –

Probably the question I see asked most often from independent fitness and dance instructors is “what is a good portable speaker?” The list below includes one speaker that I use personally (Bose SoundDock Portable) and the top three suggestions I’ve heard from other fitness professionals (in no particular order, though). There are other speakers out there, but I hear these four recommendations over and over again from other instructors (room size/no. of people estimates are based on mid-wattage levels and not exact):

Bose SoundDock portable digital music system ($399, 8 lbs, small-medium rooms/crowds up to 30-50 people)

Fender Passport 150 ($350, 30 lbs, medium-large rooms/crowds up to 75-150 people)

Fender Passport 300 ($560, 58 lbs, large rooms/crowds up to 150-300 people)

Behringer EuroLive B212D ($229, 32 lbs, large rooms/crowds up to 125-250 people)

If you plan to teach independent courses at private venues, or outdoors, it’s worthwhile to purchase your own speaker. They also come in handy if you like to throw parties at home.



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