Top 3 Ways to Share Playlists (legally!)

Update: it appears iTunes 11 has removed (or at least, hidden) the ability to publish playlists to the iTunes Store. I will keep an eye out for workarounds or in case Apple returns the feature. In the meanwhile, publishing playlists can only be done on iTunes 10 or earlier versions.

“I love your music! Could you make me a copy of your CD? I’ll pay!”

If you’ve heard this question from your class members, smile – you have great taste in music! Scientific research (see examples) shows that providing the right music can motivate your class members to train longer, harder and more frequently. Making that music available to your members can even motivate them to keep moving on their own outside of class.

However, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and music licensing laws make it illegal for us to copy and distribute our music. But, there are several FREE tools out there that you can use to legally share your playlists. Here are three free examples:

iTunes– Publish your playlists to the iTunes store


Spotify – Share on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter – Create/upload playlists to share on Facebook or Twitter




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