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Merrell just launched an effort to reach and encourage women who are curious about the barefoot/bareform or barefoot-style/natural running movement. You can check out their micro-site here.

This move by Merrell Barefoot is an extension of their ongoing efforts to understand our little weird world of barefooters and minimialist shoes enthusiasts — you see, back in September of 2011, Merrell had a bunch of us bloggers and runners up for the NYC barefoot run, threw us in a windowless room*, and forced us to talk about what’s going on with the whole barefoot, barefoot shoes, natural running, etc. movement. They really wanted to hear what we had to say, and incidentally, women and barefoot was a focus of the roundtable discussion we had. This microsite launch is Merrell’s first move to take that feedback and run with it.

Why are women and barefoot-style running such a big deal? Well, it turns out it’s not, and that’s a little curious. You see, I didn’t realize this, but according to the National Sporting Goods Association, there are now something like 16.9 million women runners—a 23% increase since 2006—yet women seem to be a minority voice in the minimalist/barefoot running communities.

So Merrell’s micro-site is focused on creating awareness about barefoot or barefoot-style running for women. After the jump I’ll share a video produced by Merrell that features a few women runners, talk just a little bit more about what you can find on their micro-site, and end with a very cool interview with one of the women in the video — Emily Snayd. Emily is an enthusiastic, super-friendly person who’s day-job is spreading the word about Merrell Barefoot — she’s been my primary point of contact with Merrell. What’s really cool about Emily is that she lives out her interest in barefoot-style or full-off barefoot running when she’s not at work – it’s not just her job and that’s pretty cool.

To learn more about Merrell’s Barefoot-Women site and BirthdayShoes’s interview with Emily Snayd, visit! While you’re there, check out their other posts on barefoot running and minimalist footwear.


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  2. That’s a nice post.

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