Fitness trends for 2012

Yay, ,it’s a new year – welcome 2012! Everyone’s writing about the top fitness trends for 2012. Since these trends lists are compiled from multiple sources (i.e., the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine), what you see listed may vary depending on where you’re reading. One thing all lists appear to agree on is the growing influence of information technology. Here are some examples:

Challenging At Home Workouts  - Think of DVD based workouts like P90X (and P90X2 recently released), Insanity, Insanity the Asylum (and Asylum 2 coming soon), etc. To date, many of these workouts have come from Beachbody, but more videos are becoming available.

Streaming Workout Videos – Streaming content is a big thing nowadays – music, movies – and now both established and new providers are bring streaming workouts to your home or mobile device. One provider is StreamFit. Also, look for subscription-based video downloads from sources like TRX TV and GaiamTV.

Greater Use of Technology Overall – this is a catch all for the many ways technology is becoming ubiquitous in fitness. There are countless mobile apps available, virtual personal training, social media fitness groups, increasing use of heart-rate monitors, trackers and other gadgets. Let’s face it: we’ve come a long way from just working out with a walkman.

For more fitness trends, view the ACSM report in their Health and Fitness Journal.



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