Using Bodybugg vs Polar Heart Rate Monitor for Weight Loss – New Comparison Series

I’ve decided to lose five pounds. And I’m employing multiple gadgets to help. Two key gadgets I’m using are the Bodybugg and the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor. While I’m on this five pound weight loss journey, I’ll be using both devices and comparing the results along the way.


You may have seen the Bodybugg on The Biggest Loser. The Bodybugg is a device worn on the upper arm that tracks gravity and motion, the amount of heat given off by the body, skin conductivity and skin temperature to estimate the amount of calories the body is burning throughout the day (see for more details). The key difference between Bodybugg and a heart rate monitor is the Bodybugg estimates what you burn daily, including time when you’re not working out. A heart rate monitor, on the other hand, is worn during your workout and estimates you’re calories burned only while working out. Bodybugg consists of a sensor that’s about half the size of a playing card and an armband (it’s worn on the upper left arm, with the monitor positioned over the tricep).

I’ve been looking at the Bodybugg for a while, but couldn’t convince myself to pay over $200 for it. Well, Bodybugg v.3 is now on sale for $129 and with this $20 discount coupon on top of that:

I took the plunge. At this price, the Bodybugg actually cost less than what I paid for my Polar FT60 heart rate monitor (a few years ago).

Bodybugg v3 from myapex product page

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

I already have the Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Purple) in my gadget arsenal. I purchased it about three years ago from my gym at the time. You can get it from for about $140. The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor is worn only during your workout and tracks average and maximum heart rate, calorie expenditure, and total exercise time. The Polar FT60 comes with a a wristwatch-type monitor and a chest strap with an attached sensor (about the length of your thumb) that is worn across the upper chest.

Comparing the Bodybugg and Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

So, which of these two tools is most effective for someone wanting to lose weight? Well, that’s what I’m hoping to find out. I’ve googled this question several times in the past, with no definitive answers posted anywhere (none that I’ve found, at least). The responses I have seen have been largely based on preference – which I’m sure will always be a factor, however, I want to know what the technical differences might be between the two. Meaning, how will the calorie estimates and other measures differ between them and which one will seem to be most efficient and effective for helping me lose weight?

Stay tuned for my experiences as I conduct this personal test over the next 3-5 weeks (hopefully closer to three than five lol!).




4 comments on “Using Bodybugg vs Polar Heart Rate Monitor for Weight Loss – New Comparison Series

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  2. I don’t really walk, and I ulaulsy run on a treadmill, so it checks my heart rate automatically.Personally, I find the level test more useful. It goes from 1-10, with 1 being a casual walk when you’re able to carry an engaging conversation on, and 10 being a sprint when you feel like you’re pushing yourself to the limit.A good rule of thumb- if you feel like you are talking a casual walk and can talk freely, speed up; If you cannot say a complete sentence, slow down. Anything between is ok. Do not be scared of getting sweaty- it shows that you are working out.they have a ton of those scales (1-10, 1-5, 1-25, etc) and they are helpful if you do not have a heart rate monitor

    • I have had this watch since around October 2009. It wkroed perfectly until about two months ago. It takes several attempts to get the watch and the wearlink strap to sync. There it just stops during the workout. I have changed the battery in both the watch and the wearlink strap. I am very disappointed in the Polar company. They have given little to no support for this product and the operational manual is no help either. I am fairly certain I will not purchase another Polor product.

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