Oxygen Magazine is back!


If you were one of many people (like me!) who lost their Oxygen magazine subscription when Robert Kennedy Publishing when out of business – good news! Active Interest Media has purchased Oxygen Magazine and made a new app available in the Apple store. Here’s the email I received this morning. Even better? Active Interest Media […]

Music Aids Post- Exercise Recovery


Quick summary (for those who don’t like to read, LOL) – Research shows that relaxing and/or motivational music can significantly reduce blood lactate and other post-exercise factors during post-exercise recovery. Personal trainers, sports coaches, physical therapists, etc., can make practical use of these findings when training clients, but probably not group fitness instructors. Individual exercisers […]

Good Portable Speakers for Teaching Fitness/Dance Classes

image of rumba cartoon

Probably the question I see asked most often from independent fitness and dance instructors is “what is a good portable speaker?” The list below includes one speaker that I use personally (Bose SoundDock Portable) and the top three suggestions I’ve heard from other fitness professionals (in no particular order, though). There are other speakers out […]

My Tech Toolkit for Going on Fitness Auditions

Picture of items in my fitness audition toolkit

I recently left my old fitness jobs before to moving to a new state (sniff, sniff). I gathered together the items in this post to take with me on auditions at gyms in my new town. Most of these are items I use to teach with regularly; although not at the same time. When I […]