GymPact – Get Paid to Exercise

gympact 1

So today I was on Facebook scrolling through various people’s posts, when I found myself staring at a fitness app! It’s called GymPact, and it’s definitely a necessity if you find yourself struggling for motivation to exercise. With this app, you can earn money by working out, but you also lose money if you miss […]

Sierra Club Trail Performer

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Do you find yourself having a hard time finding a trail to hike or run on? It can be very frustrating trying to find a comfortable place to exercise, especially outdoors. There may be uneven trails, creatures everywhere, or maybe it’s just too crowded for your liking. Despite these obstacles, trail running can be a […]

TRX Super Force Smartphone App


TRX just released an Android version of their Super Force app (it was already available for iPhone). The TRX Super Force app (description here) provides a 12-week conditioning program complete with workout times, exercise library, fitness tests and exercise drills. The apps downloads with all content available locally, so you don’t need to have an […]