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I’m on vacation in Aruba, enjoying the fun and sun, sightseeing and NOT wearing the BodyBugg (I ditched it as soon as I saw a tan line forming on my arm). Fortunately, Sporty Afros has a new post this week that’s incorporates workout DVDs, online video and streaming music. Follow to link below to check our their suggested list of alternate summer workouts:

Alternative Summer Workouts For Rainy and Hot Days

More about Sporty Afros (from their site):

Sporty Afros’ mission is simple – to establish a social platform for fitness and effective hair care for black women. Sporty Afros seeks to be a one stop shop for questions, discussions, tips and answers about living an active lifestyle in conjunction with establishing and maintaining healthy hair regimens. We are committed to keeping up with the latest trends regarding hair care and fitness. We seek to continually strive to improve ourselves and readers.

Another focus of the blog is to tackle the issue of African-American obesity in America. According to the Office of Minority Health, 4 out 5 African-American women are overweight or obese.  It is our personal mission to change this statistic by providing the tools to empower and encourage black women to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

See you all next week!


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  1. Best wishes!Your blog is very good!

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