Black Friday Tech Deals for Fitness Enthusiasts

It’s that time of the year again! Black Friday! Here’s a list of deals out there for tech-minded fitness folk (like me). Note: I got most of these deals from and confirmed them with the retailer site.  If I find any others before tomorrow (Thanksgiving), I’ll update this list!

Digital cameras

If you’re serious about tracking your progress, you must take progress pictures! I’m sure you’ve seen these types of before/after pictures on weight loss testimonies and infomercials. You’re camera phone won’t cut it; not if you want good quality pictures that you can send to a magazine or other program. Get yourself a digital camera from:


I’ve posted not once, but twice (with more posts to come) about the convenience of storing workout videos on my tablet to take with me while I’m traveling. You can also use a tablet for music, interval timers, and other such fitness tools. Whether iPad or Android, a tablet is a great tool for a tech-minded athlete on the go. I’d recommend a 10″ tablet in case your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port and you’re forced to view the workout on the actual tablet. Get yours on Black Friday from:

  • Best Buy – several tablets are available = Asus Transformer (249.99), Toshiba Thrive (279.99), and $45 off any iPad 2. Check out their Preview Black Friday ad.

Portable digital camcorders

If you’re a fitness instructor, Beachbody coach, or other fitness enthusiast with a need to record your workouts, you’ll want a simple, portable camcorder that makes it easy to upload your videos to Youtube, Facebook, etc. Get one cheap at:

Heart rate monitors, calorie counters, etc.

To track calories burned, heart rate, etc., you’ll need a heart rate monitor or similar device. Here are some deals:

DVDs and Video Games

When you can’t make it to the gym and want to work out at home, DVDs and Videos games are a good option. Here are some deals:

  • Walmart – Michael Jackson Experience ($28! I paid $50 for this a couple months ago!!!) and Just Dance 3 – both for Wii – Walmart Black Friday ad



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