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Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a high intensity interval training class with Chris Freytag of ACE Fitness, during the Fitness and Health Social Media conference in Colorado. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, alternates short to moderate bouts of high intensity exercise with brief periods of recovery consisting of low-intensity movement or rest. Benefits of HIIT include increased endurance performance and capacity for fat burning (e.g., Laursen & Jenkins, 2002; Talanian et al. 2007). Chris kicked our asses with 60-minutes of Tabata drills (20 seconds high intensity exercise alternated with 10 seconds rest). I loved every second of it.

Collage of pictures from workout

Clockwise from top left: Me with Julie (@ROJRunning) of ROJRunning.com and Alyse (@alyse_mb) of FITApproach.com; Chris Freytag making us sweat; Me with Sandra (@organicrunmom) of OrganicRunnerMom.com and Aliah (@thegetfitdiva) of TheGetFitDiva.com; Me, extra sweaty post workout with Chris.

You can get this same experience with Chris Freytag through her ACE HIIT series of workouts available at http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/shop/p-1118-ace-hitt-series-with-chris-freytag.aspx. You can purchase the two-disc DVD set for $22.95, or, if you prefer more portable workouts like I do, stream the workouts online for $19.95. Both options give you a 30-day workout calendar and seven workout videos:

30-Minute Upper Body HIIT – Five Tabata intervals with 45-second breaks in between each interval. Requires three sets of dumbbells and a mat. I’d call this more of a total body workout with upper body emphasis. Exercises include push-ups, mountain climbers, burpee shoulder presses, etc. Hell, if it gives me arms like Chris’s, I’m in!

30-Minute Lower Body HIIT – This workout alternates plyometric moves with lower body strength training. Requires two sets of dumbbells and a mat. Chris provides low-impact modifications for the plyo moves. GREAT WORKOUT!

30-Minute Total Body HIIT – Athletic cardio drills (like jumping rope) alternated with total body compound strength moves that combine an upper and lower body move (i.e., lunges with bicep curls). A few weeks with this one and I’ll be rocking my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini by November. Yes, November. I know Wisconsin’s cold in November, but I’ll be in Mexico. :-)

30-Minute Core HIIT – Standing and lying exercises. Requires two sets of dumbbells and a mat. Some plyometric work included (with low impact modifications). I mentioned my bikini, right? Make that a string bikini, honey.

10-Minute Belly Blast – Purely focused on lying ab/core work, and some lower back (i.e., superman). Only requires a mat. I am gonna look so damn good in my string bikini1

10-Minute Booty Blast – Booty work! Lunges, kicks, squats, deadlifts and the like. Requires one set of dumbbells and a mat. Feel the burn! My string bikini is now a thong. Hell, I’m gonna be hitting the nude beach by the time this is over…

20-Minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Honestly, I’m not the biggest Vinyasa fan. I prefer Yin and Hatha yoga. So, I’m not sure how often I’d do this workout. But, Chris keeps this pretty simple and if you like Vinyasa, you’ll like this. Poses include Cobra, Downward facing dog, Forward bend, Rag doll, Chair…etc.

Workouts available as DVDs or online streaming

Workouts available as DVDs or online streaming

The workout calendar reasonably alternates 1-2 workout days with yoga or rest. I consider this quite doable and much more achievable than 4-5 days, or even 6 days in a row without at least one rest day in between. I see lots of training programs like that nowadays and (in my very humble opinion), that’s difficult for many people to stick to for the long-term.

When I think of comparable programs that cost $80 and more (nope, I’m not saying any names), this is such a great deal. I’d pay twice as much for it. This workout series is AMAZING. These 30-min workouts will get you tight and right! You’ll look almost as hot as me…naked on the beach. ;-)

Learn more about Chris Freytag at http://chrisfreytag.com 

Learn more about ACE Fitness at http://acefitness.com

Learn more about the Fitness and Health Social Media conference at http://fitsocialconference.com

Disclosure: I participated in the HIIT workout as a registered participant of the 2013 Fitness and Health Social Media Conference. I received a discounted rate to blog about the conference on any subject I would like. Through a promo provided to conference attendees, I received free access to the online workouts for evaluation purposes. My opinion is my own and I do NOT recommend workouts that I don’t like EVER.

Works cited:
Laursen, P. B., & Jenkins, D. G. (2002). The scientific basis for high-intensity interval training. Sports Medicine, 32(1), 53-73.
Talanian, J. L., Galloway, S. D., Heigenhauser, G. J., Bonen, A., & Spriet, L. L. (2007). Two weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women. Journal of applied physiology, 102(4), 1439-1447.


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  1. I already knew I liked your personality; now I know I love your ethics because you list/ link your resources. Thanks for sharing this list.

    • Christina on said:

      Thanks so much Alexandra! I try to include links to research as much as possible to make sure my statements are evidence-based. Glad you like it!

  2. I’m sorry I missed the workout and even sorrier that I didn’t win the DVDs! I really do like HIIT workouts and may need to check these out to get through the cold dark winter mornings when I don’t want to run outside!

    • Christina on said:

      LOL Coco, I admit, I wanted those DVDs, too and I was also bummed I didn’t win them! I was so happy to find the online workouts.

  3. Thanks very interesting blog!

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